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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2014 services.
Christmas Eve service 2014 wideshot crop 2

Christmas tree lit up 2014

Christmas day service 2014 choir
Christmas Eve service 2014 from backAnd some photos from everyday life in our community.
Ladybug Gallery pageKids love grooving to the beat during the Ladybug Music instrument jam!
Cinema Meet photo with candles Dec 14Getting set up for Cinema Meet., movies by candlelight with wine, snacks and free-flowing discussion. If you would like to get involved with Cinema Meet, contact Brendan.
Audrey & Rachel garden award 2014 crop.jpgWe’re thrilled to report that our community gardening team, led by Bobby Babin, has won the North Sydney Council Sustainability Award 2014. Pictured are the Mayor, Jilly Gibson, and two of our gardeners, Rachael Wallace and Audrey Bradshaw. Congratulations and thanks to all our community gardeners.