Music Program

Third Sunday of each month – special music SundaysTrumpet_1

We have a program of ‘special music services’ on the third Sunday of each month (10.30 am start). Guest musicians perform one, two or several musical items as part of the service. Our guest musicians range from talented music students to professional musicians to musical surprises! If music is an important part of worship for you, please come along. Guest musical genres include classical, jazz, gospel, a capella, contemporary and other musical styles.

Our music program continues in 2017. Check here for details or turn up on the third Sunday of each month (10.30 am service) to enjoy our special guest musician.

19 February  Kaylie Dunstan – marimba

19 March        Susan Boyle – voice
21 May             Julia Armstrong – voice
18 June           Addie Channon – trumpet

16 July            Bridget Bolliger – flute
20 August      Mary Jones – dance


17 January     Darren Liepold and Brian Nicolson – duet – voice
21 February   Evan Poon – violin
19 March         (break)
17 April           Christopher Coyle – guitar and voice
15 May            Sepehr Irandoost – singing an item from a new children’s opera, The Selfish Giant, by Jim Coyle (composer, below)
JIM_CARICATURE_snptoz19 June          Marc Pardy – bagpipes (below, although Marc will play a smaller set of bagpipes at our service)
Marc Pardy bagpipes17 July                 Chris Coyle – guitar and voice
14 August           Julia Armstrong – voice
18 September   Sarah Young – oboe
20 November   Philip de Villiers – piano and voice
18 December    Clare Heuston – soprano


15 February    Natalija Lambert – piano and voice
15 March         Alisha Frittmann – voice
19 April            Elizabeth Duong – voice
17 May              Illyphe Toumi-Cussinet – voice
21 June            Gianna Cheung – flute
(movement from Bach’s Flute Sonata in E Major)

19 July             Claire Wright – voice
16 August        Susan Boyle (from Sydney) – voice
20 September New Day Carers Choir
18 October      Darren Liepold – voice
15 November Hattie Channon – trumpet
Here’s a link to hear Hattie’s trumpet solo at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music:

20 December  Community Christmas Choir singing Christmas carols