Our Minister

Our wonderful minister, Darren and his partner, Brian were not successful in their application for permanent residency in Australia. (They have returned to Canada and taken up congregational ministries with the United Church of Canada.)
Therefore at NBUC we currently have a range of talented guest service leaders for our Sunday services. They all share our progressive, inclusive theology so come along and be inspired!


Rev. Darren Liepold
I was born in Western Canada, received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Regina, my  Master of Divinity Degree from the Vancouver School of Theology and I was ordained by the United Church of Canada 25 years ago.   I have served the church in many different ways at the local, regional and national levels.  I have extensive experience working with congregations during times of transition, working with cross cultural congregations, and helping congregations to recognise their many contributions to the community.
For me the church has always been a place of welcome.  I think it is the church’s duty to spread a message of hope and good news to a hurting world.  Ministry should be about affirming the worth of all people, breaking down barriers, and encouraging everyone to share their unique gifts with others.  The church does not have all the answers, but together, as people of faith, we can try to find solutions that will make a positive difference in people’s lives.
I love to sing and have a trained operatic tenor voice.  I am an avid amateur photographer, love the theatre, and like travelling.  I also write a weekly blog that can be found at www.darrenliepold.com   I can be reached at 0432 179 734 and darrenliepold@gmail.com .  Accompanying me in Australia is my partner Brian, who is also a United Church minister. Our adult son, Anthony, joins us on holiday now and then.