St. John’s

Since St John’s was first formed our congregation has always been welcoming, caring, supportive, and known for its hospitality. Today we are a contemporary group of diverse people from many parts of Australia and the world. Many of our members joined when they first moved to the Neutral Bay area to take up jobs or to study in Sydney, so if you are new to Sydney and are looking for church, please come along and see if we’re right for you.

The St John’s congregation dates back over 125 years and the building itself has been restored and classified by the NSW Heritage Trust. Inside you’ll find a warm, welcoming environment, a mixture of the old and the new. The Uniting Church of Australia was formed in 1997 and in our case there were three congregations who came together from Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian denominations. Now our worshippers come from a rich diversity of international faith traditions and all are welcome to come as they are. We are delighted when visitors come back to our Sunday worship services but an important part of our outreach is for people who want a connection with a church but may not have the time or the energy for traditional forms of participation.