Our Community Garden

Take a visual tour of the transformation of the first three years of our beautiful garden at: We’ve Got a Good Thing Growing! (3_9_15).
In August 2012, under the leadership of Bobby Babin, our local community became involved in transforming the land around the church into a sustainable garden. Now, the garden has become a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, delighting passersby with its ever-changing landscape of greenery, colour and fragrance. Some highlights include:

  • Over 80 gardeners have participated (thank you!)
  • We have 6 sponsors
  • Regular communal gardening mornings are held at 8 am on Saturdays several times a year (contact Bobby to join the email list)
  • There are over 100 plant varieties including a herb labyrinth, a fragrance grove, a citrus grove, a pumpkin patch, a passionfruit tunnel and an arbour trellis with wisteria
  • We host a worm cafe and compost area

The garden has been a winner in the North Sydney Council’s Sustainability Awards over several years. In 2015, the North Sydney Council named it ‘Best Children’s Garden’.

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Our initial aim was to engage with the community and reach out and get to know our neighbours on a social basis.

After developing a plan, we held an Open House and invited the entire community to attend and provide feedback. The Mosman Daily publicised the event, and we posted announcements in local businesses. The community turned out en masse, and after we presented our vision, the group engaged in lively discussion followed by continued conversations over coffee, tea and refreshments. Our plan was working!

Although our initial vision was to sell independent plots, one of the attendees suggested a communal garden in which all gardeners worked together for the common good. We sold garden shares for a modest annual fee. Gardeners were given a choice to have their shares as independent or communal.Virtually everyone took the communal option, and we became a tightly knit group of people working together for a common good. The garden is currently 100% communal.

Our diverse membership includes men, women, boys and girls of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities and religions. We have experienced gardeners and first-timers. Everyone has their own expertise; so we tend to educate each other … not only on gardening issues, but also on life lessons, such as how to work together and how to value each person’s contributions and ideas, no matter how different they may be from our own. Every participant’s life has been enriched as a result.


For some people, the community garden serves as a symbol of God’s creative, life-giving, fruitful activity and an expression of our value of caring for creation. For others, it’s simply a welcome oasis of peace and beauty. Everyone is invited to enjoy it.