Act For Peace



Act for Peace is the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA), a council with 19 member churches.  Act for Peace works across denominational and other divisions to serve the NCCA member churches.

Act for Peace lives up to its name by promoting peace around the world, especially by assisting the most conflict and disaster affected communities to be safe. This means empowering communities to prevent conflict, protect refugees and reduce poverty. A safe community is one in which all members can live in safety, dignity and are able to realise their rights.

Act for Peace works with our project partners to:

protect refugees: through assisting more than one million refugees and internally displaced people in the world’s worst conflicts
prevent conflict: through destroying hundreds of thousands of bombs, weapons and items of ammunition and in so doing clear millions of square metres of land for safe community use; as well as establishing and supporting hundreds of peace committees and reconciliation processes
reduce poverty: through assisting conflict and disaster affected communities to grow their self-reliance and develop new livelihoods
empower communities: by being community-based and fully involving affected communities in our work, such as in disaster and climate change preparedness programs with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities

In Australia, Act for Peace works with Indigenous and refugee communities. None of their work would be possible without supporters who give generously throughout the year, when emergencies break out and at Christmas, through the Christmas Bowl. Support is also given through campaigns, such as banning cluster munitions, achieving the Millennium Development Goals and accelerating disarmament.

Act for Peace began in 1948 helping refugees displaced during World War II. In 1949, Act for Peace started their best known appeal, the Christmas Bowl, which has collected over $100 million for this work and reminds us that Christmas should be a time of peace for all.

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