Welcome to Neutral Bay Uniting Church

Sunday Worship on Zoom

Keeping each other safe is our number one priority, so we’re back on Zoom for Church until further notice.


Here Sunday 9.30am!

Neutral Bay Uniting Church is a COVID-Safe Registered Place of Worship.

Use our QR code to record your details each time you visit the premises.

Worship is also streamed online.

Please contact us or see our Facebook Page for more information.

As people of faith, we believe that our God calls us to live together in community- a community which is positive and life affirming. A community which accepts and celebrates people for who they are. By God’s grace, we are called to join together to celebrate each other’s unique identities. But sadly, the world no longer values community. All too often, we are taught to lock our doors, to fear our neighbours, and to not show hospitality to the stranger. Yet humanity still seeks a place where we might be welcomed and call home.

Thus, our small congregation offers many ways that others might come join in community by offering several activities where people might find welcome and acceptance. We worship together to provide a place for those who seeking a God who encourages and affirms us rather than judges. Our worship is open to the faithful and those who are seeking. People are welcomed and encouraged to share their stories without fear of judgement. We provide social activities such as draught discussions, and dinners where again people are welcome to be who they are without fear of being persecuted or ostracised. For those seeking to commune with nature with others, we have our community garden. For those wishing to expand their minds and have frank, meaningful discussion groups such as our book club, bible studies, Cinema Meet, that provide forums for people to learn, grow, and share again in a place where differing views are encouraged and accepted.

Our congregation is small. But we truly view all of our activities to be an expression of our faith-community activities modelled on the diversity of creation, where we welcome others just as we have been welcomed. Each of our ministries is an expression of that welcome.